How to update the changed local path in TFS

For one of our sub-folders the local path got changed.

So we had to open Source Control explorer in Visual Studio 2012 / SSDT 2012.

Navigate to the project’s the sub-folder whose local path is incorrect.

Next to Workspace label click on the dropdown where it shows the local machine name and click on Workspaces.

Click on Edit.

Update with the appropriate path.



How to delete and re-add project in TFS

Today with one of the SSAS project couple of files lost association with TFS. The main cube file was showing renaming in TFS history.

We decided to delete and re-add the SSAS project in TFS.

Following steps:

  1. Copy the project using Windows File explorer at different location.
  2. Check if any checked-out files. In this case we did undo checkout and made sure no one has files checked out.
  3. Using Source Control Explorer delete the project and check-in.
  4. Now copy back from the backup location.
  5. Open the project in Visual Studio or SSDT.
  6. We should see all the files and no association with TFS.
  7. Right click on the project in Solution explorer window and select “Add Project to Source Control…”.
  8. The entire project will get into TFS and all the files will get TFS association.
  9. Ask any of other team member to get the latest version for the project from TFS and open with Visual Studio or SSDT.

tf.exe tf history or changeset command getting “Unable to determine the source control server”

We were using command:

tf history “$/ProjectCollection” /noprompt | findstr strtofind

tf changeset “$/ProjectCollection” /noprompt | findstr strtofind

and we were getting error – Unable to determine the source control server.

In TFS 2012 the  key is to to provide connection to the server using web url as well.

So the command which worked for us was:

tf history  /collection:”http://tfsserver:8080/” “$/ProjectCollection” /noprompt | findstr strtofind

tf changeset /collection:”http://tfsserver:8080/” “$/ProjectCollection” /noprompt | findstr strtofind

TFS CheckAuthentication web service using Internet Explorer

Grant Holiday explains nicely in this blog what to do when people can’t connect to Team Foundation Server for some reason.

Usually the following occurs:

  • “It was working yesterday but not today”
  • “I haven’t changed anything”
  • “Team Foundation Server tfsserver does not exist or is not accessible at this time.”
  • I get an error message: TF31002: Unable to connect to this Team Foundation Server

The very first thing to do is confirm that it works for a known-good configuration – usually my workstation.

Providing that works and the server appears to be functioning, the next thing to do is ask the user to call the CheckAuthentication web service using Internet Explorer.

The URL for this is: http://TFSSERVER:8080/services/v1.0/ServerStatus.asmx?op=CheckAuthentication

TFS association with project gets lost

One of the team member on opening the project (SSAS) using SSDT found out that there are no more locks on the files. The TFS association with project was lost. When we navigate through source control explorer we could see the project in TFS.

The reason this time was the project had gone offline. We opened the project. Navigate to File=> Source Control and you should see the option to make project online. Go ahead and click on it.

For some other team member it automatically prompted with “Go Online” message: The solution is offline but its associated Team Foundation Server is available. Would you like to go online with this solution after it has loaded?

Click on “Yes”. Please wait and Viola ! all the TFS association will be back.

Also you can find same information about how to get back online.

The reason other time was the project had lost its bindings. To fix this issue we did TFS binding. In the open project in SSDT / Visual Studio, select the solution file and navigate to: File => Source Control => Advanced => Change Source Control.

If you see SERVER NAME and SERVER BINDING missing. That is the problem.

Just click on BIND.

Also you can find same information about how to bind the project and solution file.


Visual Studio 2015 Pro Vs Ent Vs Community edition

Trying to find Team Explorer (TFS Client) for SSDT (Visual Studio) 2015

Visual Studio Official URL

Visual Studio
Visual Studio
Visual Studio
Visual Studio
Test Professional