PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.0 Understanding Academic Structure

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.0 – Academic Structure

The academic structure and its elements are the building blocks for an academic institution. This diagram illustrates an institution’s academic structure at a high level:

To set up campuses, use the Campus Table component (CAMPUS_TABLE).

A campus is an entity, usually associated with a separate physical administrative unit, that belongs to a single academic institution, uses the same course catalog, and produces a common transcript for students within the same academic career. The PeopleSoft Campus Solution system enables you to define as many campuses within an academic institution as necessary to meet your business needs.

To set up academic careers, use the Academic Career Table component (ACAD_CAREER_TBL).

Academic career is a concept used in Campus Solutions to designate all course work undertaken by a student at an academic institution; you group this course work in a single student record. For example, a university that has an undergraduate school, a graduate school, and several professional schools can define an undergraduate career, graduate career, and a separate career for each professional school (for example, law, medical or dental). You might also make extended education or continuing education its own academic career, or make separate academic careers for every school or college at the undergraduate level.

Academic careers have these common characteristics:

  • All credit is granted under a common unit type, such as semester hours or quarter hours.
  • A single repeat scheme is used.



SIS Typical reports

Some of the Students Information System (SIS) typical reports:

Student Profile for Advising A report of students enrolled in a term with detailed student information including gpa, credits, and major.
Section Density Course schedule in list format including enrollment caps, enrollment, instructor and room assignment.
Program Enrollment Comparison By Day Overall enrollment by program for the last three terms compared by equivalent days.
Missing Grades A report of classes with outstanding grades.
Classes Outside Approved Meeting Times 3 Credits A list of classes scheduled outside of the approved time slots.
Graduation Applicants A report of students applied for graduation.
Course Inventory Inventory of courses to be used by the department to manage course offerings.
Academic Program Inventory Inventory of academic programs.