What is Microsoft Power BI?

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that enables anyone to visualize and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding. It connects users to a broad range of data through easy-to-use dashboards, interactive reports, and compelling visualizations that bring data to life.

What is Power BI Desktop?

Power BI Desktop is a free desktop application you can install right on your own computer. Power BI Desktop works cohesively with the Power BI service by providing advanced data exploration, shaping, modeling, and report creation with highly interactive visualizations. You can save your work to a file, and publish your data and reports right to your Power BI site to share with others.

Is Power BI available on-premises?

The Power BI service https://powerbi.com isn’t available as a private, internal cloud service. However, you have three other options for viewing and working with data on premises.

On-premises data gateway

With Power BI and Power BI Desktop, you can securely connect to your own on-premises data sources. With the On-premises Data Gateway, you can connect live to your on-premises SQL Server Analysis Services server, and other data sources. You can also set scheduled refresh with a centralized gateway. If a gateway is not available, you can refresh data from on-premises data sources using the Power BI Gateway – Personal.

Power BI Report Server

Power BI Report Server is a solution that you deploy on your own premises for creating, publishing, and managing reports, then delivering them to different users in different ways: in a web browser, on their mobile device, or as an email in their in-box. Read more about Power BI Report Server.

Power BI mobile apps

You can also view on-premises Power BI reports, Reporting Services mobile reports, and KPIs with the Power BI mobile apps.

You can also view on-premises SQL Server mobile reports with the Power BI iOS apps:

  • SQL Server mobile reports on the iPhone.
  • SQL Server mobile reports on the iPad

What do I need to install in order to use Power BI?

To use the Power BI service for free, you just need a Web browser and email.

To explore data and create reports in Power BI Desktop, download Power BI Desktop for free.

You can download the Power BI mobile apps from their respective stores:

  • App Store
  • Google Play
  • Windows Store

Reference: powerbi.microsoft.com



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