How to delete and re-add project in TFS

Today with one of the SSAS project couple of files lost association with TFS. The main cube file was showing renaming in TFS history.

We decided to delete and re-add the SSAS project in TFS.

Following steps:

  1. Copy the project using Windows File explorer at different location.
  2. Check if any checked-out files. In this case we did undo checkout and made sure no one has files checked out.
  3. Using Source Control Explorer delete the project and check-in.
  4. Now copy back from the backup location.
  5. Open the project in Visual Studio or SSDT.
  6. We should see all the files and no association with TFS.
  7. Right click on the project in Solution explorer window and select “Add Project to Source Control…”.
  8. The entire project will get into TFS and all the files will get TFS association.
  9. Ask any of other team member to get the latest version for the project from TFS and open with Visual Studio or SSDT.

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