How to setup Pyramid Data Modeler (former Mash Pit)

Before starting to work with Data Modeling (formally Mash Pit), a tabular instance need to be set up in SSAS.

Once the tabular instance is set up, please configure it in BI Office according to below steps:

1. Open the Administrative Console > Data Sources tab

  • If the tabular data source was already added to the Data Source list, please locate it in the list and click on Edit
  • If the tabular data source was not added yet, please click on “Add Data Source”

2. Fill in the details of the tabular instance (if not already added).
Make sure that the data source type is “MS SSAS OLAP 2012 Tabular” and up, and that the Mash Pit check-box is checked.

3. Click on Save then click on Roles (for the tabular data source).
Assign roles to the tabular datasource and Make sure that the “Upload models” check-box is checked for the roles that require access to the Data Modeling functionality.

4. Click on Save & Exit

In BI Office V6.x, Once the configuration in the Administrative Console is complete, a “New Data Model” button should be enabled in BI Office under File > Start


In versions older than V6, once the above steps are completed, the “Add Mash-Pit Data Source” button should appear in BI Office under File > New > New bioXL Analysis.

Reference Pyramid Community – New Data Model (Mash Pit) configuration – Data Modeler (formerly Mash Pit) – BI Office


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