SQL Server setup or migration after the basic installation

We have basic SQL server installed. What’s next?

  1. Restore/create the databases.
  2. Create logins. Or Migrate logins. The power shell command from dba tools is

Copy-DbaLogin -Source “dbSourceName” -Destination “dwDestName” -Force

 Chick here to get details of power shell script to create logins.

  1. Create Credentials based on existing logins. Click here for syntax details.
  2. Create Proxies based on above created Credentials. Click here for syntax details.
  3. Configure Database email and create email accounts and profiles based on them. Click here for syntax details.
  4. Configure operators. Click here for syntax details.
  5. If you are using SSIS from this server then create SSIS Catalog and give your ETL and/or SSAS users  (if any) explicitly access to SSISDB database created ( on creating SSIS catalog).
  6. If through one job you are using  msdb..sp_start_job to invoke another job, then give your ETL user TargetServersRole of msdb database and edit the same to grant execute access on object sp_start_job.

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