SSAS Cube Perspectives are not meant to be used as a security mechanism

Today while working with SSAS cube security the data warehouse head asked if we can setup the security based on SSAS Cube perspectives.

The answer by Microsoft is that SSAS Cube Perspectives are not meant to be used as a security mechanism.

A single cube can represent the contents of a complete data warehouse, with multiple measure groups in a cube representing multiple fact tables, and multiple dimensions based on multiple dimension tables. Such a cube can be very complex and powerful, but daunting to users who may only need to interact with a small part of the cube in order to satisfy their business intelligence and reporting requirements.

You can use a perspective to reduce the perceived complexity of a cube. A perspective defines a viewable subset of a cube that provides focused, business-specific or application-specific viewpoints on the cube.

The perspective controls the visibility of objects that are contained by a cube. The following objects can be displayed or hidden in a perspective:




Measure groups


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


Perspectives are not meant to be used as a security mechanism, but as a tool for providing a better user experience in business intelligence applications. All security for a particular perspective is inherited from the underlying cube. For example, perspectives cannot provide access to objects in a cube to which a user does not already have access. Security for the cube must be set before access to objects in the cube can be provided through a perspective.

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