TFS 2012 files appearing in wrong directory due to incorrect mapping

We have TFS 2012 integrated with SSDT 2012.

We were working on a project MyABCProject with path $/MyABCProject.

The project type was of SQL with ssmssln and ssmssqlproj file types.

Ideally we wanted ssmssln to reside at $/MyABCProject (C:\Projects\MyABCProject) and ssmssqlproj to reside at $/MyABCProject/MyABCProject (C:\Projects\MyABCProject\MyABCProject).

All the .sql (code) files residing at $/MyABCProject/MyABCProject (C:\Projects\MyABCProject\MyABCProject).

We have a development team of few members and I am the admin managing TFS.

It was brought to my attention that the code and project files (.sql and .ssmssqlproj) were at different places such as at:

C:\Projects\MyABCProject, C:\Projects\MyABCProject\MyABCProject, C:\Projects\MyABCProject\MyABCProject\MyABCProject.

On investigation we found out the developers had done incorrect mapping to the above folders.

We deleted the project and re-created with same name, due to naming conventions.

This didn’t help since the name being same, all the incorrect mappings were automatically remapped.

So the solution was to explicitly re-map them to correct locations.

Using SSDT open Source Control Explorer. Right click on the folder and click on Advanced and Remove Mapping. Update the correct local path to map and click on Map button.



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