in ssrs parameter reverts back to default when tried to change after 3 minutes

In one of the SSRS report, we had date parameter with current value of previous day date.

If we select one of the old dates say (Jan 7, 2016; assuming we are on May 25, 2016) and leave alone the report for 3 minutes. On 4th minute if we try to change the date to say Jan 17th, 2016; it use to revert back to default of previous day (May 24, 2016).

To fix this we had to do 2 things:

  1. In Advance (Report parameter properties – SSDT/BIDS) select the option to “Never Refresh”.
  2. AND
  3. In default values (Report parameter properties – SSDT/BIDS) get the value from Dataset.

Reference Link


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