Step-by-step BDC or BCS setup in SharePoint 2013

  1. Open the site using SharePoint Designer when you want to create BDC. It can be a subsite as well.
  2. Navigate to External Content Types and click on New External Content Type.
  3. In the section “External Content Type Information” on the new page enter the Name and Display Name.
  4. In the Section “External Content Type Operations” click on “Click here to discover external data sources and define operations”.
  5. Now you will be navigated to the new page where if you are doing it for the first time will have to setup the connection, by clicking on “Add connection”.
    1. Select the data source – say SQL Server.
    2. Provide the database sever name, database name
    3. You can start with authentication type as current user identity.
  6. Once the connection is setup navigate to the database , and the table.
  7. Right click on it and select Create All operations.
  8. Now click on Save.
  9. Now navigate to Edit Connection properties if you have to change the authentication mode to “Impersonate Windows identity” ans provide the secure store AppID.
  10. Now open the browser and navigate to your site and create App of the type External List.
  11. Specify the BDC External type you have created, and create external list.
  12. Now setup users by opening Central Admin and navigating to the BDC Service application and selecting the BDC we have created.
  13. Click on Set permissions.

NOTE: Against SQL server table if you get errors for text field, convert it to varchar(max).


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