How to get Pyramid report or dashboards additional information by querying the database

How to know a Pyramid report in group or public area is referring to whose private user’s dashboard?

We were trying to delete a report from group area, and it use to gives error with dashboard name say “abc” is using the report and hence the report cannot be deleted.

The problem is it doesn’t tell us whose Personal content, is this dashboard “abc” residing in.

By executing following queries on back-end Pyramid database we can get this information:

  1. Find the folder ID of the dashboard using the bellow query:
    select * from content_tbl.Books where Name=’Dashboard_Name’
    Make sure to replace ‘Dashboard_Name’ with ‘abc’
  2. Copy the folder ID and use it in the bellow query to find the name of the folder where the the dashboard is located.
    select * from content_tbl.Folders where FolderID=’Folder_ID’
  3. In the query result, check for the “Name” column for the folder location.

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