Getting started with TFS 2012 administration – Project collection and Team Project

Assuming we have TFS 2012 installed.

  • Create TFS Project collection
    1. We use to log-on using remote desktop to the server, where we had installed TFS Administration Console.
    2. Expand the name of the server, expand Application Tier, and click on Team Project Collections.
    3. In Team Project Collections, choose Create Collection.
    4. The Create Team Project Collection wizard opens. In Name, specify a name for your collection. Under Description, you can optionally specify a brief description of your collection and its purpose. Choose Next.
    5. Provide the associated SQL sever.
    6. We kept database per Project collection.
    7. We use to keep default location for Sharepoint site, and select option – Do not create a Sharepoint site.
    8. Follow through the wizard and click on Complete.
  • Provision appropriate security to the user-id to be used to create the Team Project, using TFS Administration Console.
    1. One way to do it is navigate to the project collection created above and click on Group membership in the General tab.
    2. Click on Properties for the default selected “Project Collection Administrator”.
    3. Add the member using Windows user option the user-id used to create TFS Project collection.
    4. Other way is to use the same user-id used above to create Project collection.
  • Create TFS Team Project
    1. We cannot create Team project using TFS Administration Console.
    2. Now using IDE – SSDT / Visual Studio we will create Team Project.
    3. based on different IDE versions the steps will vary. Following are for SSDT / Visual Studio 2012.
    4. Open SSDT/Visual Studio and click on menu Team => Connect to Team Foundation Server.
    5. Select the above created project collection and click on Connect.
    6. If you are already connected to other project collection, you will get that message.
    7. click on menu View => Team Explorer, if you don’t see Team Explorer already.
    8. In Team Explorer Home page if you dont see any option about team Project, go the the button neext to home icon and click on it – Connect To Team Project.
    9. Now click on New Team Project.
    10. The New Team Project wizard appears. Provide Name, Description, Process Template.
    11. We can keep default option for Sharepoint site, and select option – Do not create a Sharepoint site.
    12. Follow through the wizard and click on Finish.
  • Add users for using the Team Project.
    1. This can be done in various ways.
    2. One way to do it is navigate to SSDT / Visual Studio => Team Explorer, and get connected to the Team project  you want to setup security for.
    3. Click on settings.
    4. Within section “Team Project”, click on security.
    5. A browser will be opened up showing ABC Team security group. Say ABC is the above created team project.
    6. Navigate to member and add the users.

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