SSAS Basic maintenance tips

Today we got an SSAS – SQL server Analysis Services cube from an vendor and it was giving errors.

Now where to start from came into my mind. Here is what I did:

    1. Processed All Dimensions one by one. And checked in Management Studio that Dimensions are displayed or not. If not please set the Target Server and Database Project Property for Deployment.
    2. Deploy in Ignore error mode. Right click on the project in BIDS/SSDT and click on “Process“. Now click on “Change settings“. Navigate to “Dimension Key errors” tab and select on “Use custom Error Configuration
      1. keyErrorAction –> Set to ConvertToUnknown
        1. Give keyErrorLimit as -1.
        2. NullKeyConvertToUnknown –> Set to Ignore Error
      2. Processing error limit –> Ignore errors count.
    3. Then Set EstimatedRows
    4. And before processing Dimensions/Cube save changes.
    5. And then Process Cube.
    6. If all Dimensions processed successfully then start Process to Cube.
    7. And see you have Administrator rights.
    8. And then see that Cube on Server you had set in Deployment Property

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