My Pyramid Analytics v5.4 install notes

  • Contact Pyramid and get the ISO file and install documentation.
  • Using any software such as Virtual CloneDrive get the ISO file mounted.
  • Get the domain account for this softare say domainabc/userxyz and add it to Administartor group on the server.
  • Make sure the account you have logged in to the server is Admin to the local machine.
  • Now run the setup as Administrator from 64 folder if the server is 64 bit.
  • Once the setup is complete the deployment wizard will start.
  • Create various accounts – pyramid master account, ssas account, sql server account and provide them to deployment wizard.
  •  NOTE: In the deployment wizard when it asks for the url we SHOULD NOT provide http://. We should just provide the server name or the host name.
  • Once installation is complete login to Admin console using pyramid master account.
  • Now navigate to client licenses tab and click on “Add Client License Pack” to add the various licenses received from Pyramid.
  • Now create appropriate Roles based on say department taxonomy.
  • Then create Profiles based on access rights such as drill or slicing/dicing.
  • Add users and assign them appropriate roles, and if needed assign them as admins.

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