Monthly task of generating BbA HTML documentation using installed SQL Spec

1) Remotely log-in to the server where we have SQL Spec installed.

2) Navigate to the SQL Spec root directory, and open the SqlSpec Windows batch file in say notepad.

3) Update the following six variables for your environment:

  1. SQLSpecHome: Path of the directory containing SQLSpec.exe
  2. SQLSpecModuleHome: Path of the directory containing this batch file
  3. SQLServer: SQL Server Instance name
  4. SQLDB: Name of the module SQL Server database, e.g. iXXSA
  5. OLAPServer: Analysis Services Instance name
  6. OLAPDB: Name of the module Analysis Services database, e.g. iXXSA

4) Save and close the batch file.

5) Next, in the same directory, locate the “SQLSpec File Generator.sql” file and open it in SQL Server Management Studio.

6) Change the database of execution to the iXXSA database and execute the file.

7) The query’s execution results should be cut and pasted into the SQLSpec.config file found in the same directory. Completely replace the original contents of the file with the new configuration. This configuration will provide SQLSpec with all of the information it needs to build the documentation (the CHM file and the HTML documentation) as originally delivered in the BbAnalytics folder, C:\BbAnalytics\iXXSA Version 4.0.0\Documentation\Data Model\.

8) To execute SQLSpec and regenerate the documentation, execute the SQLSpec.bat batch file. Depending on the size of the module, it can take several minutes to several hours to complete.



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