SSAS cube data doesnt match with tables ROLAP

In our Blackboard Analytics cube implementation we introduced custom processing for one of the existing Dimension.
The cube Fact data was not maching for the dimension.
So we had to go through SSDT 2012 (prior BIDS) and explicitly Process the corresponding cube.
Even after processing through the default Blackboard Analytics SSIS package to build cube the old data was shown.
When we explicitly processed the cube through SSDT 2012 (prior BIDS) we could see the new updated data.

While researching on this issue came across a new post without which this post would remain incomplete, even though we didn’t had to use it.

if the underlying length in the database has changed,
first we do a refresh in the DSV. This will sync the mismatch between database and DSV.
Once we do this, we need to make sure the lengths are updated both
at cube dimension level (Cube-DimenionName-Attribute) and
at database dimension level (Dimension Folder-DimensioName-Attribute).

Refresh in DSV does not make the changes in already defined objects


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