How to add page break at Nth row in SSRS report

We implemented as per

This implementation topic has page break configuration in the report.
Step 1: A simple design to show all rows in a table using table component.

Step 2: Add a parent group to the detail row

Step 3: Add group expression “=Ceiling((RowNumber(Nothing)) / Nth row)” i.e. “=Ceiling((RowNumber(Nothing)) /50)” and Click OK

Step 4: You may get the following error if you run the report after step 3.

Step 5: Open Row group properties and remove sort expression.
or explicitly cut and paste the same experssion in sort box.

Step 6: Now, report will show 50 rows in a group. Next step is to define page break for the group. Go to page breaks tab and select page break option

Step 7: Now, hide the group header and detail column from the table component and run the report.


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