Administering Team Foundation Version Control – Common Tasks


1) Setup security – Add update members. My suggestion is to do using AD/Windows groups.

2) Configure Check-Out Settings
1.In Team Explorer, select the team project for which you want to configure check-out settings.
2.From the Team menu, click Team Project Settings, and then click Source Control.
3.In the Source Control Settings dialog box, select the Check-out Settings tab.
4.Select or clear the Enable multiple checkout box.
5.Select or clear the Enable get latest on check-out box.

3) Undo Changes in Another User’s Workspace
To undo pending changes in another user’s workspace, you must have the Administer workspaces permission set to Allow.
1.Click Start, click All Programs, click Microsoft Visual Studio, point to Visual Studio Tools, and then click Visual Studio Command Prompt.
2.Type the following command at the command prompt and replace the arguments with the appropriate parameter information for your needs:
tf undo /workspace:OtherUserWorkspace;OtherUser $/TeamProject/MyFile.cs /s:http://YourTFSServer:8080


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