MOSS Sharepoint 2013 Audit Log trimming architecture with AuditData table archiving – purge or archive Audit data

Our MOSS environment is primarily used for Enterprise – BI/Dashboard reporting.

The users wants to do data mining on the MOSS 2013 usage data (AuditData table) by tranforming the data to Fact (STAR schema). So the default behaviour of storing usage data (AuditData table) in document library is not much of use to us.

So we have created a SQL server job to upload the data to AuditDataArchive table:

insert into [WSS].[dbo].[AuditDataArchive]
FROM [WSS].[dbo].[AuditData]
where [Occurred] <= DATEADD(d,-7,getdate())

The above job runs 15 min before the Audit log trimming job setup to run weekly with 7 days retention.


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