SSRS 2012 integrated with SharePoint 2013 Usage and Performance monitor / log dbo.ExecutionLogStorage

For performance, and also for usage we started using table dbo.ExecutionLogStorage in SSRS database.
We setup ETL process to extract data from this table and uploaded into a custom created FactUsage table.
Then created SSAS cube on the FactUsage table and do our usage analytics.

The view ExecutionLog3 provided by Microsoft.

More information on this view can be found at

Query to get reports access between a certain days:

SELECT AS report,

e.username AS [User],



Datediff(mi,e.timestart,e.timeend) AS ‘Time In Minutes’,

catalog.modifieddate AS [Report Last Modified],



catalog (nolock)

INNER JOIN executionlogstorage e (nolock)

ON catalog.itemid = e.reportid

INNER JOIN users (nolock)

ON catalog.modifiedbyid = users.userid


e.timestart >= Dateadd(s, 1, ’05/26/2015′)

AND e.timeend <= Dateadd(DAY, 1, ’05/28/2015′)

The above query reference is


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